AmberEDDA - Dental Assistant


    Amber is a Colorado native, born and raised. She has been a dental assistant and EDDA since 2007. She joined the New Day Dentistry Littleton family in 2018 and works hand-in-hand with Dr. Morris and the team to ensure the best patient experience. Her knowledge of every aspect of dentistry ensures that our patients are well-informed and understand their dental needs, as well as the process ahead of them.

    Amber grew up on a farm in Bailey, CO and loves animals. In her spare time, Amber loves spending time with her husband, Dustin,  her daughter, Danielle and their two cats. They enjoy kayaking, camping, fishing and exploring the outdoors.

    Amber brings the gift of laughter to every patient and hopes to help them feel comfortable and confident in the treatment they are receiving. You will always find her smiling, shining light and positivity on every day. She loves people, and treats every patient like family. Her passion is helping people achieve their dental goals through comfortable, fun, excellent care. She makes it her personal mission to give each patient the “perfect dental experience.”

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