SueDental Hygienist


    Sue is Colorado native and has been a pillar in this practice for over 30 years! Her gentle, comforting manner will impress even the biggest dental-phobe. Sue can be counted on to provide her patients with the very best care and expert dental hygiene treatment.

    Sue attended Sheridan College in Wyoming and has been a practicing Dental Hygienist for over three decades. Her patients adore and trust her and come in from all corners of the state to see her! She always takes the time to explain their needs and provide thorough, gentle care.

    In her spare time, Sue enjoys spending time with her husband and helping her parents. She loves hiking, road trips, reading, walking and studying history and genealogy.

    We were so lucky that Sue joined the New Day Dentistry Denver family and continues to take care of her patients with exceptional skill and dedication.

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